Sunday, 2 May 2010


finally got them pictures processed, alot were shite so they're getting omitted these were the most alright ones..

Ste at Walsgrave.This tail block was all the way around and on the top but i took the picture too early so it just makes Ste look a bit spazzy... sorry Ste haha
Irish Steve in the shed at Rom, he was doing egg plants too
I took a couple of snaps of tattoos i did, this was one of a pair i did on a girl from Melbourne. The other photo of the other tattoo was blur-tastic so i'm not putting it up, it was a dagger with a roseBlack an grey rose..


Scumtash said...

Fuckin nice. What film you using there champ?

All geared up for next week too? Stockwell if dry issit?

goonicycle said...

sure am an sure is! I just used some fuji film, colour max or something like that nowt special really i took em with an old zenit, i'll be bringin it out with me next week.