Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Oh, and i'd like to think this was me in some past life.

on an empty stomach

It did some snowing earlier in the week, i was woken up by Iain an Leah chuckin' snowballs at the window.. I thought it was the pigeons being arseholes at first haha.
I got up and we went to try to find sledges but everyone was out, so we decided on doin some hillbilly snowboarding instead. It was pretty good apart from the fact the kicker we spent ages building was shit and too steep so it meant you jarred your life out of joint going at it.
Here's a picture of Leahs first bash at doing some snow sliding...
pretty good.

I made Iain get the push bike out as well for a leisurely ride down to where the shell of the shack is now. It's pretty grim.. that spot was amazing when you think about it. We pretty much had the run of the place, to go there whenever we liked, to waste our lives on skateboards somewhere that was a little warmer than the damp miserable street. It had the best mini and midi too, that is before both of them got massive holes in.. Even then they were still good, you just had to be better at picking the right lines.
And now it's some burnt out hobo pikey piss pit waiting for the shitty council to turn it into another of this towns money pits. What up-scale yuppy arse is gonna want to live in Barrow, facing out onto one of the biggest little turd-yacht boating ponds this town has to offer?!
Ah well..
We rode bikes and i took these two polaroids
I am now very much out of film.. sx-70 and 600... ugghh

I made this tattoo on my cousin Joel earlier this week too, it came out pretty good and even though he wasn't massively pleased about getting his elbow ditch done in, it was fun too. I used a limited colour pallete, just yellow, black and red really. I made the brown an green by mixing through the black, i'll probably be doing that again.. looks old.

nope. nevermind

Monday, 15 February 2010

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I went for a ride in the rain on the new push bike and wasted some polaroid film.
The blank one's actually of some horses in a field i rode past, one is of my mush, the other is taken while riding downhill just before sketching out on some corners covered in dirt and the last up the top is part of my face that was a bit caked in mud.I met Iain on his way to start his 4 - 12 shift, now i'm just sat watching blazing saddles for the third time because i just left it on, drinkin tea and chompin grapes.

"oh lawdy lawd, he's despate.. do what he say, do what he say!"