Friday, 8 July 2011


This was Hamburg, probably more pictures to follow..
This was the weather..
Fruity biscuits kept Sam an Ste goin.
Ste doin stunts in this shitty park, don't know how it was slippy as a greased up chimp (shaven)
Highlight pastry
Hamburger, of course.
The Rote Flora made this happen again. Bob'll have some good snaps of this place.
Seems like no one gives a shit about offending the Asian community in Hamburg.

Zurich looked nice from the air.

Coast of England looks pretty nice from up there too!

Special treat photo from Charing Cross Road... I'm guessing... Italian.

Monday, 4 July 2011


So i'm just piling a bunch of photos up on here that i've not stuck on anything else just to get this thing going again a bit.
On a recent trip to Hamburg Whip asked about this blog and what the fuck's happened to it so i guess by some sort of request here's a bunch of shite to look at a bit.
Frocker! I'll get the rest of them snow shreddin pics to you on cd or somethin.
More stuff coming..

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Gettin Lazy Again

It's been fuckin ages since I put anything up on this thing, seems like I haven't done anything but in actual fact i've just not taken photos of anything. i have a roll to be processed and a new polaroid given to me recently. I was stoked on what it was and more importantly who got me it. I need to get some more film for it though.. We used the other up already..
So in absence of any photographs, lithographs, polygraphs or skin-grafts I'll just leave this post with a picture of this painting i finished a little while ago.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


finally got them pictures processed, alot were shite so they're getting omitted these were the most alright ones..

Ste at Walsgrave.This tail block was all the way around and on the top but i took the picture too early so it just makes Ste look a bit spazzy... sorry Ste haha
Irish Steve in the shed at Rom, he was doing egg plants too
I took a couple of snaps of tattoos i did, this was one of a pair i did on a girl from Melbourne. The other photo of the other tattoo was blur-tastic so i'm not putting it up, it was a dagger with a roseBlack an grey rose..

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cov Town

So my Tuesday-Wednesday weekend came and went and now i have a good few bruises and grazes to show for it.
I showed up in Coventry at about 9:30ish.. i can't really remember.. but it was dark when we went out and hit up the walsgrave fountain. That spot is awesome but in the first 5 minutes of riding i managed to bust my kingpin... buh-mmer. I just rode Stes board for the rest of the night, it was still pretty fun.
Got the ol' truck sorted pretty quick thanks to one of Ste's flatmates when we got back, so the next day was reet fer rippin'!
I just got the one photo in digital type format of Ste doin this 'ere blunt to fakie.
Thats the lot for now until i get the film from the ol' zenit developed to see how dogger the snaps i took are on there.
If they're alright i'll post em up, if you don't see em you know why haha.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

once a month?..

So it seems i haven't really done anything worth putting up on here in a whole month. That's kind of a half truth really, i just haven't been taking as many photos as i really should.
So, as of now i am going to be carrying round the little compact 35mm olympus everywhere i go so i can snap at people doing dumb stuff ranging from nose picking to face falling.
I'm just gonna throw some little bits up on here to keep it all going because the longer i leave it, the less arsed about it i'm gonna be about..

I yet again ventured up north to see folk and also purely for my undying love for Barrow haha.
This trip wasn't fruitless by any means! I went skateboarding, smashed my toe in, blood came from that toe and it hurt, drank cuh-woffee and made some chat and then busted this pigeon on ol' Ste's leg meat.

Ste is a serious Barra lover and nobody can say otherwise now.

I've been out quite a bit hanging in China town and was introduced to bubble tea or pearl tea. This stuff is fucking brilliant, if it's on a drinks menu anywhere, order it!
There was a Chinese book shop across the road too, i bought a couple of books and some sumi ink for painting with. This stuff looks pretty thick straight out of the bottle and i'm not sure if it's made from the block or what but i'm hoping it'll blend out nice with water and be black as the effing night!
The first project it's gonna be used on is this here banner. I want to get it done to use for conventions but it's been waiting to get painted for a couple of weeks now, once i get started there'll be no stopping... probably.
I might use it for a business card too if it turns out good... fingers crossed.

Here's just another tattoo i made the other day, just straight up sailor jerry, same colours, same lines, stuck on and done did just like it says in the book. This was also on a young guy who was coming to the end of his training to be in the navy so this tattoo fit well in that sort of way, like a kind of nostalgia.

Keeping the nostalgia/vintage type theme i had this old jonesy rebuilt by Dave Bryant, a straight up no nonsense tattooer, gent and all round good fellow.
I've always wanted this machine to run right and do so consistantly because it just looks too nice for it not to... Now it does and is as much a pleasure to use as it is to look at.

Tattoo related geekery aside, i was on the train the other day heading out towards dartford and rode passed this nice looking old church so i snapped a quick un. What was also interesting was; as the train pulled into a little stop called Welling, just a few yards down from the station i couldn't help but notice a little backyard pool, i couldn't see if it had transition or anything like that but it's gonna be worth a check right?

So thats pretty much whats been going on that i've managed to get poor quality pictures of with my phone camera. Hopefully better/more interesting pics are to follow but i'm not promising anything.
Just for now here's a picture of a needy but ultimately cute little cat to end this waffling junk.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


So i'm up north again larkin about on my days off.
Did a bit of motorscootin and only really got a couple of unexciting/uninspiring pictures while we were out and i only got em because both mine and Iains bike started to not enjoy running properly so we had to make a stop.
We only really did a little bit of offroad before there was mechanical issues so we decided to head back before we had to push them all the way, which wouldn't have been the best. Managed to avoid the rozzers all the way there and back too, which is always a plus!
Rocks, mud and sketchy road ridin'
The 'weekend' before i took myself off to the science museum like a proper geek. I spent quite a while having a wander around just taking pictures of a load of little things that would make good drawing referance and generally looking at things of a science type nature.
While i was walking about i spotted this ye olde winged wheel. Spindles are gonna be the new old thing for choppers, hot for 2010 just watch.
Have a nice day..