Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Jimminy fucking cricket! A blog can get quite dull if your life sucks, that and it takes me ages to fill up a roll of film.
Hopefully it'll be yet another nice day this Sunday so i can get some snaps of marginally un-mundane objects, subjects or even happenings on the lo-fi polaroid. Good weather is holding back the madness at the moment along with skateboarding. I might go an ride some mini-ramp on Sunday and get annoyed at the youth being clueless.

Annnnnyway for now, just listen to Black Sabbath and enjoy this picture of a tattooed gent, which i'm going to make my business card.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009



new-old stuff, s'plosions an whatnot

I recently bought a couple of old cine cameras and a polaroid. One of the cine cameras has a reel in it from it's last owner so i'll look forward to getting it processed an finding out whats on it when i have a few full reels of my own.
The polaroid is great, it's just got some wierd magic that makes whatever you snap at go back in time, mostly to the late 70's mid 80's. That awesome browny orange tinge. Fucking brill!
I'll probably be taking the little bell & howell along with me on our trip to the Isle of Man in May and hopefully shoot some flickery footage of skateboarding and if i can work it out without dying, some motorscoot footage too!

bit of a sunset from a train back from doing a guest spot in Lancaster

gud tymes wiv fire eh?

I got bored and painted my fender, it's pretty dodgey here and there on the striping but i guess thats what you get with B&Q masking tape and plasticote paint haha.
Hopefully i'll be doing a little whizzplanking at the weekend, frontside smiths and frontside airs.. i'm havin em back.