Tuesday, 9 March 2010


So i'm up north again larkin about on my days off.
Did a bit of motorscootin and only really got a couple of unexciting/uninspiring pictures while we were out and i only got em because both mine and Iains bike started to not enjoy running properly so we had to make a stop.
We only really did a little bit of offroad before there was mechanical issues so we decided to head back before we had to push them all the way, which wouldn't have been the best. Managed to avoid the rozzers all the way there and back too, which is always a plus!
Rocks, mud and sketchy road ridin'
The 'weekend' before i took myself off to the science museum like a proper geek. I spent quite a while having a wander around just taking pictures of a load of little things that would make good drawing referance and generally looking at things of a science type nature.
While i was walking about i spotted this ye olde winged wheel. Spindles are gonna be the new old thing for choppers, hot for 2010 just watch.
Have a nice day..