Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cov Town

So my Tuesday-Wednesday weekend came and went and now i have a good few bruises and grazes to show for it.
I showed up in Coventry at about 9:30ish.. i can't really remember.. but it was dark when we went out and hit up the walsgrave fountain. That spot is awesome but in the first 5 minutes of riding i managed to bust my kingpin... buh-mmer. I just rode Stes board for the rest of the night, it was still pretty fun.
Got the ol' truck sorted pretty quick thanks to one of Ste's flatmates when we got back, so the next day was reet fer rippin'!
I just got the one photo in digital type format of Ste doin this 'ere blunt to fakie.
Thats the lot for now until i get the film from the ol' zenit developed to see how dogger the snaps i took are on there.
If they're alright i'll post em up, if you don't see em you know why haha.

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Mark said...

Really wish I could have been down in Cov for your visit! Ste told me that you're down in Rom these days and working somewhere in Camden? Hope things are going well! Next time I visit London I'll let you know, I'd be stoked on going for a skate dude.